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Maple Leaf Short Duration Flow-Through Limited Partnerships (“Maple Leaf Short Duration”) offer investors exclusive short duration flow-through investments. Maple Leaf Short Duration is committed to providing investors with up to a 147% tax deduction, accelerated liquidity, the opportunity to convert income into capital gains on an annual basis. Further investors can benefit from a well diversified portfolio of resource stocks that is actively managed by Andrew Cook, one of Canada’s top performing flow-through fund managers.

The fact that investors are always looking for new, innovative ways to maximize returns on their investments has not changed. With the combination of Canada’s flow-through share tax incentives and Maple Leaf's  'Short Duration' hold period, investors are positioned to realize up to a 147% tax deduction, capital appreciation and portfolio diversification.


Short Duration Flow-Through

Maple Leaf  understands the many advantages and benefits in providing investors with liquidity as quickly as possible. As such, Maple Leaf  has committed  to complete its mutual fund rollover transaction up to 1 full year earlier than most traditional flow-through funds.  As a result, Maple Leaf's investors and their advisor’s have the benefits of daily liquidity much earlier than traditional flow through funds and are thereby able to make many more investment choices. 

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Over 30 Years Experience + Extensive Industry Contacts = a Winning Portfolio

Andrew Cook, our Toronto based Portfolio Manager having over 30 years investment management experience in the Canadian capital markets and an exceptional track record of performance, you can take comfort that Maple Leaf's portfolios are in good hands.  Together, with Craig Porter, our Industry Advisor we bring to investors extensive industry contacts, significant deal flow and direct daily access to senior management teams, geologists and geophysicists, analysts, engineers, executives of resource companies, service companies and investment bankers.  

Solid Foundation Backed by an Experienced Management Team

Members of the Maple Leaf Short Duration executive management team have extensive experience and together have over 30 years of fund management, administration and flow-through investment tax reporting experience.  

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