Maple Leaf Short Duration Flow-Through offers investors exclusive short duration flow-through investments. Maple Leaf is committed to providing investors with up to a 100% tax deduction, accelerated liquidity, the opportunity to convert income into capital gains on an annual basis and a well diversified portfolio of resource stocks that is managed by Jim Huang, one of Canada’s top performing flow-through fund managers.

2017 Tax Filing Guide

Tax Filing Guide    
The T5013 Tax Filing Guide will assist you in reporting your flow-through tax deductions for the 2017 tax reporting year.

Tax Savings Calculator

Tax Deduction Calculator

Calculate your potential tax savings or investment return at rollover.

Calculate your tax savings on a investment in a Maple Leaf Short Duration Flow-Through LP. - See more at:


Weekly Fund Performance

     As at July 20, 2018

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Last Week
Prospectus Offerings          
  $14.26   $14.45   2017-II FUND - QUEBEC
  $12.17   $12.29
    Current   Last Week
      Current   Last Week
Offering Memorandum

2017 FUND - NATIONAL           2017 FUND - QUEBEC
Class A   $13.42   $13.76   Class A   $11.74    $11.73

  Class F    $13.03    $13.03