Short Duration Benefits

Maple Leaf Flow-Through understands the significant advantages to be had in providing investors with liquidity as early as possible. As such, Maple Leaf Flow-Through commits to complete it’s mutual fund roll-over transactions up to 1 full year earlier than most traditional flow-through offerings, thereby providing investors with significantly improved investment planning opportunities.


Key Short Duration Flow-Through Benefits:

  • Liquidate one year earlier and re-invest the capital into another flow-through thereby doubling-up your tax deductions
  • Contributing your Mutual Fund units to RRSPs, RESPs, TFSA’s up to 1 year earlier.
  • Donate your Mutual Fund units into a charitable organization up to 1 year earlier.
  • Enhance your investments risk mitigation through greater portfolio diversification and active portfolio management of the Mutual Fund.
  • Use extra tax deductions to accelerate the paying down of mortgages or other debts.
  • Annually convert to capital gains through liquidation and re-investment


Re-invest Your Tax Savings!

One of the most compelling investment and tax planning strategies when investing in flow-through is to maximize your tax savings and to convert income typically taxed at high rates to much more favorable capital gains tax rates. The most popular strategy to maximize tax savings is to re-invest the capital from the sale of  flow-through investments into another flow-through investment for a second 100% tax deduction.  This strategy legitimately provides investors with recurring tax savings by simply re-investing their investment proceeds into a subsequent flow through offering.  By offering short duration flow through, Maple Leaf is able to provide investors with the opportunity to annually re-invest and thereby annually realize up to a 100% tax deduction and annually convert income to capital gains. Maple Leaf believes that this is much more favorable than traditional 2 year hold flow through funds and is a simple and extremely effective, tax and wealth planning strategy.




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For Individual Investors

An investment in a Maple Leaf Short Duration Flow-Through Limited Partnership can provide up to a 100% tax deduction in the initial year of the investment.  Individual investors may also realize tax deductions by utilizing the following tax planning options:

Charitable Giving

RSP Contributions

Capital Loss Carry-Forwards

Reduce Tax Deductions