How to Invest in Maple Leaf Corporate Funds Ltd.

About Maple Leaf Corporate Funds Ltd.

Maple Leaf Corporate Funds Ltd. (the 'Mutual Fund') is a mutual fund corporation that was incorporated on December 15, 2010 with both Maple Leaf Resource Class and Maple Leaf Income Class Series A Shares.

It is recommended that purchases of shares of the Maple Leaf Resource Class or Maple Leaf Income Class only be made through registered tax plans and as advised by an Investment Advisor.


Who should invest in Maple Leaf Resource Class?

Investors who:

  • acquire shares in connection with the transfer of assets to the Maple Leaf Resource Class from a Maple Leaf Short Duration Limited Partnership; or
  • are seeking long-term capital growth from investments in the Canadian equity markets;
  • are not concerned with short-term price fluctuations; and
  • have tolerance for medium to high risk.


Who Should Invest in Maple Leaf Income Class?

Investors who:

  • have transferred from Maple Leaf Resource Class; or
  • are seeking income in a manner that is consistent with the preservation of capital; and
  • have tolerance for low to medium risk.

Investors should consider their own personal circumstances and risk profile, consult with their financial advisor and read the detailed explanation of risk in this Simplified Prospectus before making a decision whether Maple Leaf Income Class is suitable.


Note to Investment Advisors

If you would like further details on any Maple Leaf Funds products, please contact our client services department by phone 1.866.688.5750  or by email.




Investment Lifecycle

Investment Lifecycle

Maple Leaf Corporate Funds offers investors an opportunity to invest in a professionally managed and diversified portfolio of Maple Leaf Resource Class and Maple Leaf Income Class mutual fund Class A shares.

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Simplified Prospectus

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