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Maple Leaf Corporate Funds Ltd. T5008 Issued in Error

April 22, 2021

Dear Maple Leaf Investors,

RE:  Maple Leaf Corporate Funds Ltd. T5008 issued in error

Maple Leaf Corporate Funds Ltd. (CDO100, CDO102, CDO103) has been advised by our back office, The Investment Administration Solution Inc. (“IAS”), that a T5008 transaction file was inadvertently sent to CRA on March 11, 2021.  IAS has notified CRA of the error and the T5008 will be removed from the CRA online reporting.  If you have a T5008 issued by Maple Leaf Corporate Funds Ltd. showing on the CRA website it should not be used when determining your 2020 tax reporting.

What is the T5008 Statement of Securities Transactions?

The T5008 reports details of security positions that were redeemed in non-registered accounts during the 2020 tax year.   T5008 slip is not used directly in a tax return.  The T5008 may be helpful when calculating capital gains/losses for tax purposes. All Maple Leaf Flow-Through investors must use the adjusted cost base (“ACB”) per Mutual Fund share to determine capital gains or losses for tax reporting purposes. 

The ACB of a share is generally what you paid for it less the realized tax deductions from flow-through shares.  Investors should refer to the Maple Leaf Short Duration Tax Reporting page of our Maple Leaf website for a list of our ACBs.

IAS notified CRA on March 11, 2021 of the error and sent a cancel file for the T5008s submitted and received the same day (confirmation of receipt attached).  IAS has followed up with the CRA and while CRA has confirmed that the cancellation request file was processed they have advised that the cancellation process does take some time to reflect on the CRA website as the cancellation must be reviewed prior to completion. 

Thank you for your patience and understanding and our apologies for the confusion this has caused.


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