Royalty Advantages

  •     Ownership of oil and gas production without responsibility for daily operations.
  •     No premiums are paid unlike energy flow-through shares.
  •     Provide owners with significant  tax deductions.
  •     Monthly income is paid to the owners for as long as the wells are economic.
  •     No direct exposure to capital market sentiment/volatility associated with publicly traded shares.
  •     Exclusive asset class typically available only to institutional investors.

Royalty Payment Priority

The attractiveness of royalty investments is that they generate cash off revenues, and usually prior to any operating responsibility or expenses that occur when managing the oil or gas wells.

Maple Leaf Energy Income Working Interests Payment Priority

commencement of cash distributions

Utilizing the Maple Leaf Oil & Gas Royalty Income investment structure, Limited Partners receive flow-through tax deductions while at the same time earn a royalty or a percentage interest in the oil & gas production revenue that the wells generate.

Maple Leaf Oil & Gas Royalty Income programs target a 12% annualized return through monthly cash distributions.  The programs expects to pay cash distributions from the sale of the oil and gas produced by development wells commencing approximately 9-12 months from the date of closing of the original offering.




Investment Lifecycle

Investment Lifecycle

Maple Leaf Oil & Gas Royalty Income programs can provide investors up to a 100% tax deduction (over time), monthly income, liquidity and the opportunity to convert income into capital gains.

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Development Drilling Focus

Multi-Zone Development Drilling Opportunities
Development drilling means drilling into existing and producing oil and gas pools, and these pools generally have an 85% average rate of success.

Understand how development drilling works